New York Night Train Soul Clap & Dance-Off


New York Night Train Soul Clap & Dance-Off

with DJ Jonathan Toubin

DJ JONATHAN TOUBIN is bringing the world’s most popular soul party back to Portland. GET DOWN... all night long to the extra-exceptional, explosive, and exquisite original 1960s soul 45s of New York Night Train DJ Mr. Jonathan Toubin! GET IN... and join the DANCE-OFF to win a $100 CASH prize, judged by a distinguished panel of local luminaries... 

Pepper Pepper (Drag Phenom)
Katherine Hulit (kttnmttnz)
Terrence Wolfe (Aspiring Heiress)
Sam SaVaun (Type 1 Diabadass)
Victoria Karol (Hot Trash Portland)
Golale Yazdani (SPACE Intern)
David Lopez (This Pizza Ship)

... and a special guest opening DJ set of cosmic funk and heavy grooves by Ash & Herb


"New York's best DJ." - VICE

"The most-liked man in the soul music scene." - Rolling Stone
"DJ Jonathan Toubin is creating his own kind of dance revolution" - Village Voice

December 1, 2018
9:00 PM