Toothbrush with Wizard Party, Roy Orbitussin


Toothbrush with Wizard Party, Roy Orbitussin

Local doom-metal improvisers celebrate the release of their new EP

Toothbrush - The brainchild of Chris Gervais (Nice Life, KGFREEZE, Wedding Camp) and Sean Ahern (Korovyov, Boat Dares) -- Instrumental doom metal, all completely improvised. Just bass, drums, and lots of tinnitus. Their new EP, "An Ocean Of Sulfur Will Run Deep Through Your Veins" is being released on MA label Midnight Werewolf Records, and will be available at the show.

Wizard Party is an interactive multimedia fantasy rpg experience, interpreting messages from the delirion through the as yet undiscovered genres of baroque and roll, emo fusion, laraaji tribute music.

Roy Orbitussin - A solo project from the mind behind local post-sludge rockers Mouth Washington and experimental maniacs Cuse Me, Max Hansen brings his soul-shattering acoustic ballads to the Space stage to sing to you about love, drugs, loss, and Serial Podcast.

March 14, 2019
8:30 PM