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E.g., 2019/03/19
E.g., 2019/03/19

Music: Ourbigband featuring Matt Wilson The region's own jazz orchestra joins one of the world's foremost jazz drummers and composers

Few musicians embody the spontaneous energy of jazz like Matt Wilson. The New York-based drummer combines buoyant zeal, idiosyncratic style, infectious humor, joyous swing and an indomitable spirit of surprise. Together, with his universally recognized personal warmth, these qualities have made Wilson one of the most in-demand players and educators on the modern jazz scene, both beloved and... MORE
8:00 PM
$15 advance, $20 day of show
$10 for students & SPACE members

Music: And the Kids with Julia Caesar and The Asthmatic the apocalyptic pop trio return with a new record!

On February 22, 2019, And The Kids release When This Life Is Over, their highly anticipated third album for Signature Sounds. Praised by NPR for "striking vocals [that] rival the vibrato and boldness of Siouxsie Sioux...and music that's both fearless and entertaining," And The Kids return with a bold continuation of their chunky indie rock meets blissful new wave sound. Julia Caesar draws... MORE
8:30 PM
$10 advance, $12 day of show

Music: David Torn, Tim Berne, Ches Smith - Sun of Goldfinger The mercurial trio explores the outer edges of improvisation (co-presented by Portland Conservatory of Music Dimensions In Jazz)

Saxophonist Tim Berne, drummer Ches Smith and guitarist David Torn push far beyond jazz’s known boundaries in Sun of Goldfinger. The trio explores the edges of the genre, infusing it with perspectives ranging from the minimalist to the cinematic to the metallic. The improvisation-based group effortlessly, seamlessly shifts from atmospheres into shattering mayhem to thrilling effect. All three... MORE
8:00 PM
$16 advance, $20 day of show
$2 off for SPACE members and students

Community event: How to Love a Country book launch A new collection of poetry by Richard Blanco

  The Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance and SPACE are honored to host the Maine launch of How to Love a Country, Richard Blanco’s first new full-length collection of poetry since his 2013 turn as President Obama’s inaugural poet. Blanco’s reading will be followed by an on-stage conversation with the Portland Press Herald’s Bob Keyes.  Please join MWPA and SPACE for this very... MORE
5:00 PM
Free for SPACE and MWPA members, General admission: $5 advance donation, $8 donation at the door

Music: Sheer Mag with The Smarthearts and Billy Midol Gritty Philly political power-pop punks make their Maine debut!

A tear in the firmament.   Beyond the noxious haze of our national nightmare - as structures of social justice and global progress topple in our midst - there lies a faint but undeniable glow in the distance.   What is it?   Like so many before us we are drawn to the beacon.  But only by the bootstraps of our indignation do we go so boldly into the dark to find... MORE
8:00 PM
$14 advance, $16 day of show

Music: Ceschi and Factor Chandelier (w/live band) with Sole, BRZOWSKI, Pink Navel, s.al (aka Safari Al) Seasoned indie rap, folk-punk veteran returns with new album and a deep supporting cast. Co-presented by Monday of the Minds

On Sad, Fat Luck, their second collaborative full-length, rapper/singer Ceschi Ramos and producer Factor Chandelier have condensed three years of heavy touring, profound loss, and late stage capitalism polemics into a 13-track album.   While driving on the autobahn manically throttled on espresso during a tour with cult rapper Serengeti, Ceschi put on a beat that Factor had sent him... MORE
8:30 PM

Music: Weyes Blood The superlative synth-folk sorceress returns with a new album on Sub Pop

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8:00 PM
$14 advance, $16 day of show

Music: Jon Spencer and the HITmakers The original NYC underground-rock legend returns from the wilderness

p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 11.0px Helvetica; color: #000000; -webkit-text-stroke: #000000} span.s1 {font-kerning: none} Jon Spencer, the BLUES EXPLOSION man who put the BELLBOTTOMS on BABY DRIVER! The Top Cat who spread the Secret Sauce in BOSS HOG! The Rockabilly Right‐Hook from Heavyweight Outlaws HEAVY TRASH! The Swank‐Fucking Master of PUSSY GALORE! Jon Spencer is back!... MORE
8:00 PM
$14 advance, $16 day of show

Music: Helado Negro with Tasha The hypnotic mastermind makes his SPACE debut in support of new album

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8:30 PM
$12 advance, 15 day of show

Featured Upcoming Events

  • Performance: Thursday, Mar 21, 2019   |   8:30 PM
  • Music: Friday, Mar 22, 2019   |   8:00 PM
    Jenny Lin Plays Philip Glass
  • Music: Saturday, Mar 23, 2019   |   8:30 PM
    Buke and Gase with mmeadows and RJ Miller
  • Film: Sunday, Mar 24, 2019   |   7:00 PM
    Dirty Looks: 8 Years on
  • Performance: Thursday, Mar 28, 2019   |   7:00 PM
    Pericles - Naked Shakespeare
  • Performance: Friday, Mar 29, 2019   |   7:00 PM
    Pericles - Naked Shakespeare
  • Performance: Saturday, Mar 30, 2019   |   7:00 PM
    Pericles - Naked Shakespeare

Past Events

  • Music: Sunday, Mar 17, 2019
    Lucy Dacus with Mal Blum and Fenne Lily-- SOLD OUT
  • Music: Saturday, Mar 16, 2019
    An Evening of Middle Eastern Music and Dance
  • Music: Thursday, Mar 14, 2019
    Toothbrush with Wizard Party, Roy Orbitussin
  • Film: Monday, Mar 11, 2019
    KinoNoir: Double Indemnity (1944)
  • Music: Sunday, Mar 10, 2019
    Pete McCann Quartet
  • Music: Wednesday, Mar 6, 2019
    Bells Atlas with Kafari
  • Film: Sunday, Mar 3, 2019
    Rebels on Pointe
  • Artist Talk: Wednesday, Feb 27, 2019
    Eli Sobel with Pilar Nadal
  • Film: Sunday, Feb 24, 2019
    The Foreigner's Home
  • Music: Saturday, Feb 23, 2019
    Video Nasties, amiright?, Cheap City, Goiter